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Uncharted: In great hands post-Nathan Drake

Uncharted: In great hands post-Nathan Drake

The post-Nathan Drake world of Uncharted is upon us. It has been since Uncharted The Lost Legacy came out last month. And after spending some extensive time with the game, I have to say, I think it’ll be OK if Nathan Drake isn’t around for much in upcoming Uncharted games. I do personally find that I enjoy the Uncharted games first and foremost because of Nate. I’ve already played Tomb Raider and explored such a world as a woman, and I enjoy playing as Lara. But Uncharted was the place I could go to play as a man, and that’s something that won’t be featured with Nathan Drake anymore.

No more Nathan Drake-it may be just fine!Nathan Drake

Adventuring with Chloe and Nadine was really a lot of fun. I mean yeah, it’s obvious that you’re not with Nate and Sully anymore. But honestly I had enough fun that it really didn’t end up mattering all that much to me. The Lost Legacy really doesn’t feel like a filler game to me. It’s not as long as the main games, of course, but it has a lot of depth and things to do. And through it all I really enjoyed learning more about Chloe and Nadine, seeing how the got to know each other. And of course crashing the jeep. It was an enjoyable experience I’d love to see play out in a larger scale game.

Who next?Nathan Drake

If we are going to see less and less of Nathan Drake moving on then somebody needs to fill the gap. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, his daughter Cassie very much could fit the bill. She has the adventurous parents. It’d be easy to believe she’d want to go on her own journeys and find treasure and whatnot. She already has shown interest in such topics as shown in the end of Uncharted 4. Or maybe we can get more adventures with Chloe! I’d certainly be OK with that. We know that Sam and Sully went and did some stuff post Uncharted 4 main story, so why not see that too?

Uncharted will survive.Nathan Drake

I was one of the folks who wasn’t sure how the series would be and feel without Nathan Drake. I have total confidence now, after playing Uncharted The Lost Legacy, that Uncharted can live on without Nathan Drake. There’s no question that Naughty Dog is a good enough company to make it work, as proven by The Lost Legacy. The game is really a lot of fun! I do miss Nathan. I do hope that Naughty Dog makes another full Uncharted game and he has at least a small role in it. Maybe something like that, via flashbacks, can work. I doubt it’ll happen. But rest assured, if you were worried about it, this series can survive without Nathan. It’s fun, give it a shot before you totally quit Uncharted for good.


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