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StarCraft War Chest Reaches Its 200K Goal in Less Than Two Weeks

StarCraft War Chest Reaches Its 200K Goal in Less Than Two Weeks

About two weeks ago, Blizzard announced the StarCraft II War Chest. This new program would allow gamers to gain a mass of in-game items, such as sprays, emojis, skins, portraits and so on at big discounts. The idea behind the War Chest is that it would bring StarCraft II into the long-term life of other esports and pull in new content to the game. Blizzard committed to put 25% of all of the purchases from the War Chest into the StarCraft II esports ecosystem. They stated that the first 200K would go to the current 500K prize pool for the StarCraft II World Championship Series Global Finals.

The War Chest Opens

On July 28, 2017, Blizzard announced that they reached their goal less than a week after the program began. They announced that the additional money would make the StarCraft II prize pool more gargantuan. Although the current one is already the largest prize pool in history. At BlizzCon, the StarCraft II global champion will bank $280,000. Yes, you read that right.

Blizzard is blown away by the amount of sales that has rolled in from the program. They will be keeping the StarCraft II War Chest going to roll additional funds for support of the game’s esports. It will also make sure that the benefits are distributed throughout the game. Blizzard also mentioned that they are using this first War Chest as a platform for additional goals in the future. With the success of this promotion, future ones would help the game and esports seasons.

If you’re a StarCraft II player and don’t know about the War Chest program yet, you can find the full details on their site. You can still buy the War Chest until October 4th, 2017. The first phase of the program can be played now, but phase II will start on August 16th.

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Sat 09/23/2017

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