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Sonic Forces Day One Edition

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Sonic Forces Day One Edition Incoming?

Sonic Forces Day One Edition Incoming?

Sonic Forces is coming this Fall. Specifically it’s coming out November 7th 2017 in all locations minus Japan, which gets it November 9th 2017. It’s not Sonic Generations 2 but it sort of is. You play as Modern and Classic Sonic. With Classic having 2D gameplay and Modern having 2-3D gameplay, very much like how it was for a few years there. Think Sonic Colors, Unleashed, and Generations and you have the base of how Modern Sonic will be in Forces. Classic Sonic will be like how he was in Generations. That’s just great, I can’t wait to enjoy that! And you get to play as an Avatar, that has specific abilities and play styles depending on the animal you choose as your avatar. The game is one I very much can’t wait to get. And it looks like we will be getting a Sonic Forces Day One Edition.

Sonic Forces Day One Edition incoming?Sonic Forces Day One Edition

Retail listings from two websites ( and confirm that there will be a Day One Edition for Sonic Forces. What will that contain? Well naturally the full game can be expected. As for the bonuses it seems we’ll be getting costumes based on different Sega games for the Avatar character to wear. Costumes come from such games as: Jet Set Radio, NiGHTS Into Dreams, Super Monkey Ball, and Puyo-Puyo Tetris. I have to admit, it’d be really cool to play this new (hopefully) great Sonic game with my custom character wearing some sort of costume based on other Sega games. Some people really thought the Avatar character idea was dumb, a waste on Sega’s part. But I for one certainly think it’ll be cool to have my own custom character be a pseudo-canon character!

Will Sonic get costumes?Sonic Forces Day One Edition

When it comes to the potential Sonic Forces Day One Edition it seems logical think that Sonic himself will be getting costumes during gameplay too! As cool as it’ll customize the Avatar character we all want to see Sonic running around in a NiGHTS shirt or hat or whatever it is Sega comes up with. In a game that has already proven there will be a lot of customization it wouldn’t be surprising to see Sonic in some sort of costume in some form. It’d be really great to see for sure. Maybe Tails, Amy and others will have options as well? Sonic Mania was a return to form for the Blue Blur. I just hope that Sonic Forces can pick up where it left off. Let’s see how it goes, and keep our eyes peeled for any Day One Edition!


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