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NASCAR Heat 2 Review Part 1

NASCAR Heat 2 Review Part 1

NASCAR Heat 2 finally arrived today! I know that it’s not in the same sports games class as Madden NFL or F1. But still, I love NASCAR and have seen a lot of gameplay for this title, and I’m excited for it! From what I’ve watched/read the game is a major improvement over Heat Evolution. But seeing is believing, and so I got it at the store a bit ago and now it’s time to get it started! The first thing I had to do was do a quick race at Eldora in the Camping World Truck series, so that’s where this will begin! *Racing at 105 difficulty, manual, no assists*

NASCAR Heat 2: Camping World Trucks at Eldora.NASCAR Heat

I’ve only just started my race at Eldora after qualifying, but I can tell already that the game has a much better physics engine this time around. I made it to the end of Stage 1, right at one to go in that around, and put it in the wall hard. I have full damage on and the Cooper Standard Ford got some good damage on the left front. The damage model for sure is much better in this game, not that I wanted to test it out in my first Stage of the entire game. You can adjust the line you want to take pretty successfully. It may not be the best dirt racing simulator of all time but it’s still a very solid race in this game for sure.

NASCAR Heat 2: Xfinity at Talladega.NASCAR Heat

From there I made my way to the Xfinity series at Talladega. I initially spent some time at Road America, and let me tell you the physics do a much better job at road courses than they did in Heat Evolution. You can actually brake in the turns now which is really helpful. But more on road racing later, for now it’s all plate racing! I qualified dead last, more than 3 seconds off the pace. But the draft is the great equalizer so I had no problem keeping up once it got going. They very much fixed the plate racing in this game, it behaves much more like what you see when watching a race on TV. I crashed on the last lap and finished 40th.

NASCAR Heat 2: Monster Energy Cup at Texas.NASCAR Heat

I drove on the dirt and a Superspeedway, so I wanted to give a mile and a half a shot. So far the game has been amazing, much better than Heat Evolution. The track, first and foremost, looks great. It’s the repaved version of the track and it looks wonderful on this game. This is my home track and I can assure you that the game version looks just like the real deal. The track races much better than it did before, with the ability to beat and bang down the stretch and not crash immediately. I was able to utilize the low and middle line and make progress. Similarly to Talladega I put it in the wall on the last lap and got last, 40th.

So far so good!

Sure, I wrecked more than I’d like to admit. But that’s how it goes sometimes, and even with that, I can tell the game is much better than the last one. I will do a career mode and a few more races for my final review on the title but for sure it’s a massive improvement. Unlike Heat Evolution I can safely say I highly recommend this one. There’s finally a good console NASCAR game again!



Thu 09/21/2017

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