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Lost Sphear Trailer Shows Us A Vanishing World, And Also Giant Robots


Lost Sphear Trailer Shows Us A Vanishing World, And Also Giant Robots

Lost Sphear Trailer Shows Us A Vanishing World, And Also Giant Robots

A new Lost Sphear trailer has been released, showing off Square Enix’s followup to I Am Setsuna. Lost Sphear is a similar-looking JRPG, but the trailer shows off a few neat twists.

The core of  Lost Sphear is about restoring a world that is slowly disappearing. That factors not just into the story, but the gameplay as well. At one point we see the world map that has a whited out section; an entire portion of the map is unavailable until you find a way to restore it.

The combat will look familiar to anyone who played Setsuna, or Chrono Trigger. Unlike Chrono Trigger, though, you can move your characters around the battlefield. This allows you to position them to hit multiple foes, and set up special attacks. There’s also a new addition with an unfortunately silly name: Vulcosuits. These are armored suits that the characters can wear, which give them special abilities in and out of combat. The trailer shows off several combat maneuvers with the suits, as well as some fast movement you can use to explore out of combat. It’s not clear what the story justification is for these suits. Then again, this is a Japanese game, so I guess giant robots were bound to show up at some point.

I Am Setsuna got decent reviews and sold moderately well. But it did not kick off the JRPG renaissance like many hoped, the way Pillars of Eternity revived CRPG’s. Perhaps Lost Sphear will succeed where Setsuna failed. Lost Sphear is coming out January 23rd, 2018 for PC, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Christopher Becker is a freelance writer who neatly sums up his interests as "omnivorous cultural consumption." He's a lifelong gamer, an amateur speedrunner, a professional nitpicker, and not a big fan of talking about himself in third person.



Mon 09/25/2017

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