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Destiny 2 Live Action Trailer Takes Away Your Puppies


Destiny 2 Live Action Trailer Takes Away Your Puppies

Destiny 2 Live Action Trailer Takes Away Your Puppies

The Destiny marketing blitz continues, and so far I’d say Bungie’s doing it right. The new Destiny 2 live action trailer leans heavily on the best thing about the game – Nathan Fillion.

The original Destiny had a lot of problems, but one of its biggest was how dour and self-serious it was. There was no joy or humor or any positive emotion anywhere. Everyone spoke as if they were aloof, detached from the very events we were supposed to care about. Remember the Seeker? Yawnfest. So it’s important that Destiny 2’s marketing has so prominently featured Fillion’s Cayde-6, in all his wisecracking glory.

The latest trailer has him bringing us all up to speed. The Earth we knew? Gone. All the stuff we loved? Gone. Binge-watching Netflix shows, lattes, love songs, the Grand Canyon… all toast. And worst of all… puppies. That’s right – the puppies are gone. This proves to be the straw that breaks the Guardians’ back, and they spring into action. A montage set to the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” shows off the kind of powers and enemies you’ll encounter, though not with in-game footage. Still, if you’re going to do a live action trailer, this is how it should be done.

I imagine “FOR THE PUPPIES!” may become the unofficial slogan for the game. Much like “That wizard came from the moon” was for the first game. The difference is this time, it’s meant to be funny. But enough with the criticism. I think Bungie is aware how many new players are going to jump on board, and this video does a decent job of bringing us all up to speed. It also makes Cayde an even better hero, as we learn he’s really a cat person.

Christopher Becker is a freelance writer who neatly sums up his interests as "omnivorous cultural consumption." He's a lifelong gamer, an amateur speedrunner, a professional nitpicker, and not a big fan of talking about himself in third person.



Mon 09/25/2017

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