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cities skylines ps4 review


Cities: Skylines PS4 Review

Cities: Skylines PS4 Review

Cities: Skylines got its release in early 2015 on the PC and Mac, but was ported this year to consoles. The game can be thought of as a SimCity-esque game, and actually was released when SimCity failed in 2013. On Tuesday I managed to download the game and thought I’d give you my honest impressions of the title. Is this a SimCity lite, or is it something more robust?

A Great Port

When I play city building games on consoles, I’m always wary. The controls are never as good as a keyboard and mouse, and many times things just don’t feel right. Fortunately, Cities: Skylines bucks this trend by making things tight with the controls. Things generally control well and you can sort out what you’re supposed to do with the controller. The issue comes in learning to actually play.

Cities: Skylines is generally unforgiving and is actually somewhat difficult to pick up and just play. There’s not much in terms of tutorials or anything to guide you along in getting your city started. Once you do get along in things though, the game ramps up.

I quickly built my city, “Funkytown” and had things working quite well. We had a series of different districts that eventually sprouted up different buildings and things were booming. In fact, after a while Funkytown was a thriving metropolis, and everything was jus right. Unfortunately, success was not long lived. The city quickly began running short on money, and things quickly hit the fan.

This is where Cities: Skylines excels, though. The fun comes in solving these challenges and working your way through to developing a thriving city. If you can get over the lack of hand holding, you’ll likely enjoy your time with this game.


If you were disappointed by the disaster that was SimCity in 2013, then Cities: Skylines is for you. The game plays a lot like the classic but does things a bit differently. Despite the lack of tutorials, the game is a blast once you get the hang of things. I highly recommend this game.



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