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  • Gigantic heroes Gigantic heroes

    Gigantic Review

    It seems that whenever a new competitive multiplayer game comes along that features a unique cast of heroes people are quick to slap the MOBA label on it. I was guilty of this myself when writing a news piece about the game leaving Early Access, calling the game an “Action-MOBA”....

  • Free-to-Play Action-MOBA Gigantic Launches With A Trailer

    Free-to-Play Action-MOBA Gigantic Is Now Officially Out Motiga Games’ 5v5 action-MOBA Gigantic is finally leaving Early Access on Steam after a pretty successful pre-release period. The game boasts a vibrant and eye-catching art style and some impressive character designs, as well as fast and intense action. Plenty of games have...

  • esports esports

    Should eSports merit your attention?

    In spite of the fact that we all play video games (assuming if you’re reading this you do) there is a bit of separation in the community at times. Such as the whole “PC Master Race vs Console Peasants” debate. Or how if you’re a smartphone game player you’re truly...

  • Battleborn free to play Battleborn free to play

    Battleborn Free to Play Starting… Now!

    Battleborn Free to Play Starting… Now! Oh, Battleborn. Poor, poor Battleborn. Gearbox’s maligned FPS/Moba mashup has never really caught hold. Reviews were lukewarm, and while it sold well enough, players didn’t stick around. As a result, starting today, Gearbox has made Battleborn free to play. Battleborn has had a very...

  • Heroes of the Storm Heroes of the Storm

    D.Va Enters the Nexus in New Heroes of the Storm Patch

    D.Va Enters the Nexus in New Heroes of the Storm Patch Heroes of the Storm’s latest patch just hit, introducing Overwatch’s D.Va to the game. D.Va is classified as a warrior, whose tankiness and mobility allows her to bully any opponents in her lane. Just like in Overwatch, she has...

  • Incoming Lucio

    The next and third Overwatch character joins the Nexus. Lucio is being released next week and is looking pretty promising. You can check out what he can do in the Hero spotlight.

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