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  • Community Hero Project Community Hero Project

    Dota 2: DotaCinema Release Community Hero Project

    The DotaCinema team recently announced the Community Hero Project (CHP), which is a new custom game mode for Dota 2 made available to play free. Fittingly enough, the first two custom heroes come straight from Shannon ‘SUNSfan’ Scotten and Jake ‘SirActionSlacks’ Kanner. Community Hero Project As the content creator SUNSfan explains in the mod’s intro video, Dota 2 is...

  • Olympics Olympics

    Should Video Games be in the Olympics?

    There is talk that we may see video games be in the Olympics. The 2024 Olympics in Paris, to be specific. It’s not confirmed to be happening just yet but it’s something that’s seriously being considered. Just think of that for a minute. It’s entirely possible that in 2024 there...

  • Dota Pro Circuit Dota Pro Circuit

    Dota 2: Valve Officially Announces The Dota Pro Circuit

    Months after initially announcing the planned changes to the 2017-18 competitive season, Valve has finally decided to unveil more details, including officially naming the new season as The Dota Pro Circuit. Welcome to the Dota Pro Circuit The way Dota 2’s competitive season every year has worked has always been that everything...

  • ESL One Hamburg Qualifiers ESL One Hamburg Qualifiers

    Dota 2: ESL One Hamburg Qualifiers Details Announced

    .We finally have a complete list of details for the ESL One Hamburg Qualifiers, with the qualifier invitees and direct invites to the event itself having finally been announced. ESL One Hamburg Qualifiers The first Dota 2 Major tournament of the competitive season is looking pretty stacked. Team Liquid and Newbee headline the list of...

  • Tranquil Boots Play Tranquil Boots Play

    Dota: Classic Jimmy With the Sick Tranquil Boots Play

    Any play described with the classic jimmy meme is always a must-watch, especially when the play comes from Jimmy ‘DeMoN’ Ho himself, such as the sick tranquil boots play he pulled off recently while playing at the North American FaceIt Pro League (FPL). What is a Classic Jimmy? A classic jimmy...

  • PGL Bucharest Regional Qualifiers PGL Bucharest Regional Qualifiers

    Dota 2: PGL Bucharest Regional Qualifiers Line-up Announced

    With details regarding the teams directly invited to participate at the PGL Bucharest Regional Qualifiers finally revealed, fans can now rest easy knowing that it won’t be so long before they get to see their favorite teams play official matches for the first time in more than a month. PGL...

  • PGL Open Bucharest PGL Open Bucharest

    Dota 2: PGL Open Bucharest 2017 Announced

    The second Dota 2 minor of the 2017-18 season, PGL Open Bucharest, will round out the jam-packed lineup of Minor/Major LAN tournaments slated for October. 2017-18 Season Opens With a Bang It seems that tournament organisers are well aware of how competitive Dota 2 has hit a bit of a lull since TI7 ended;...

  • Half-Life 3 Half-Life 3

    Half-Life 3 Hopefuls Blast Dota 2 With Negative Steam Reviews

    Gamers who’ve been waiting for Half-Life 3 for nearly a decade seems to have finally had it with Valve’s lack of updates and have now turned their attention to the developer’s prized MOBA, Dota 2, bombarding it with negative steam reviews. What Does Dota 2 Have To Do With Half-Life 3? Late last...

  • Dota 2 Minor Dota 2 Minor

    Dota 2: The First-Ever Dota 2 Minor Will Be Hosted By StarLadder

    The great city of Kiev, Ukraine will once again play host to the best teams from all around the world after StarLadder recently announced the first-ever Dota 2 minor for the revamped 2017-18 competitive season. The First-Ever Dota 2 Minor After the conclusion of The International 7, competitive Dota 2 went into...

  • DreamLeague Season 8 Format DreamLeague Season 8 Format

    Dota 2: DreamLeague Season 8 Format Updated

    DreamLeague has now made changes to the DreamLeague Season 8 format after receiving much backlash from the Dota 2 community following their initial announcement of the 2nd Major for the 2017-18 season. Updated DreamLeague Season 8 Format Although fans couldn’t help but express joy now that DreamLeague Season 8 has received “Major”...

  • DreamLeague Season 8 DreamLeague Season 8

    Dota 2: DreamLeague Season 8 Details and Trailer

    With the announcement of DreamLeague Season 8, we finally have our second confirmed Major for Dota 2‘s 2017-18 competitive season. DreamLeague Season 8 – Qualifiers and Format For the 2017-18 competitive season, Valve has required Minor and Major tournaments to hold qualifiers for each of the six main competitive regions. This radical...

  • Siltbreaker Act 2 Siltbreaker Act 2

    Dota 2: Siltbreaker Act 2 Now Available

    Dota 2’s much-delayed Siltbreaker Act 2, titled “A Vault in the Deep”, recently just went live and brought with it a couple of changes to the gameplay. Siltbreaker Act 2 – A Vault in the Deep First off, Siltbreaker Act 2 adds 9 new heroes to the pool but removes everybody’s favourite...

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