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Junkertown Preview


Blizzard Releases Junkertown Preview Video

Blizzard Releases Junkertown Preview Video

Blizzard Releases Junkertown Preview Video

Blizzard has released a new Junkertown Preview, showing off the upcoming map.

We start off learning a bit of the lore behind the map. After the Omnic Crisis began to die down, the government of Australia wanted to mend relations with them. Much in the same way the UK did King’s Row, and Numbani did with… uh… Numbani. Anyway, the Australian government gifted the Omnics a huge portion of the Outback to build their own settlements in. The problem is there were already people living there, including Mako Rutledge (aka Roadhog). They were basically kicked off their own land to make room for the Omnics. Clearly, this did not sit well with them.

So the displaced workers ended up waging guerilla warfare against the Omnium. Eventually the displaced Aussies destroyed the Omnium, and the resulting explosion left the Outback an irradiated, Mad Max-esque wasteland. Junkertown is a ramshackle city that now sits atop the remains of the Omnium.

These days, Junkertown is run by a queen, who is fast becoming a fan favorite character. There are even theories that she may be a playable character at some point. She rose through the ranks in the Scrapyard, which is basically their version of Thunderdome. Somewhere along the way, Roadhog and Junkrat ran afoul of the Queen. As a result, they were exiled from Junkertown. The crime spree they went on after was a way to get enough cash to buy their way back in.

The Golden Payload

The theme of the map is neatly summed up by one Blizzard employee as “old things that you can get tetanus from”. They actually did a lot of field research to get the look and sounds of the environment just right. Blizzard’s sound guys visited a real ghost town with their recording equipment, and recorded as much sound as they could. Old gates, creaky floorboards, chains, hand cranks… if it’s old and rusty, you’ll hear it.

Much like the other Escort maps like Gibraltar and Hollywood, players have to march the Payload from the beginning of the map to the end. The Junkertown map begins at Roadhog’s Farm, which is just outside of the town’s walls. The area is fairly wide open, with a few buildings that look like Hollywood’s Wild West segment. I expect Mako’s farm is open for exploration, and we’ll find some cool lore bits there. The first checkpoint is the Junkertown gate; once you’re through, you start moving on to point B, which takes you through a long, winding section of Junkertown’s inner city. Shops, bars, and restaurants provide lots of different paths to and from the main route. This part reminds me of Part 2 of Gibraltar as well, which is not a bad thing. Lots of options for attackers and defenders.

Junkertown Preview

Once you clear Point B, Point C takes you through the Scrapyards. The centerpiece is the Turbine, a giant spinning fan on the high ground. Defensive Torbjorns are going to have a lot of fun with that one. The final goal is to deposit the Payload at the Queen’s throne, ending the map.

Junkertown is coming to Overwatch on September 19th. That’s one week from today!

Christopher Becker is a freelance writer who neatly sums up his interests as "omnivorous cultural consumption." He's a lifelong gamer, an amateur speedrunner, a professional nitpicker, and not a big fan of talking about himself in third person.



Mon 09/25/2017

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