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Game of Thrones

The Best Games For Fans of Game of Thrones

The Best Games For Fans of Game of Thrones

With only one episode left for the seventh season of Game of Thrones, it’s only natural for fans of HBO’s hit medieval fantasy series to clamor for some dark fantasy and political trickery to help fill the void.

With that said, below is a list of video games that, just like the show and books, are full of conflict, death, consequences and the notion that nothing is ever really good or bad.

Dragon Age: Origins

The setting and premise of Dragon Age: Origins, or DAO, as it’s commonly abbreviated as, just screams Game of Thrones. 

While DAO may be the oldest game in the series, it’s also arguably the best. This is mainly because, unlike it’s dumbed down sequels, DAO wasn’t afraid of putting a lot of weight behind player choices.

This helped the narrative immensely, giving the game a lot of replay value and leaving players actually wondering just how differently things would’ve turned out had they chosen otherwise.

Pair that with a hero that’s neither truly good nor bad, and fans of Game of Thrones will quickly pick up on the similarities, all the while finding themselves diving head first into an entirely new world.

GoT – A Telltale Games Series

Leave it to Telltale Games to successfully translate Game of Thrones into an equally powerful video game.

As expected from the developers, expect to see choice-driven storytelling with its fair share of unique turns and twists. Also, as with its source material, it’s best not to let yourself get too attached to anybody.

The only drawback with the game is that it’s pretty short, with just six episodes all in all. That’s not exactly long enough to last you until next season. Although, the game’s short length should make it easier to try out the different narrative paths available for House Forrester.


Have you ever dreamed of being part of House Lannister? Well, Tyranny might just be the game for you.

As the lieutenant for an evil overlord name Kyros, you’ll soon find out that being evil isn’t exactly so simple.

After all, you’re the extension of essentially evil incarnate herself, so there’s really no “good” way to do your job; you can only be less evil or be profoundly horrible.

If nothing else, Tyranny should give you better insight on how the criminal minds of Westeros work.

Mount and Blade: Warband

Mount and Blade does away with fantasy elements in favor of portraying a glimpse of medieval life at its most savage moments: expect a lot of fighting and death.

The game does an excellent job of letting you place as anyone you’d like. You can command your armies and role play as Tywin Lannister. Or, you can also choose to lead your army of savages yourself, like Khal Drogo.

It should already go without saying that it’s best to improvise when playing the game.

The best part though is that the game has a healthy modding community and you can actually tweak the game to best fit your own image of Westeros.

What do you think our other games that fans of Games of Thrones would love? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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